Welcome to NotJustAKink, where you can join me on my journey of submission.

Here, you can visit my blog, read about my story, view our list of rules or find definitions for any new terminology that you may come across on the site.

I plan to use my blog for several things. It’ll act as an emotional outlet in many ways, a sort of diary if you will, where I can unleash my thoughts on my relationship and the complex and unique emotions surrounding the Dom/sub dynamic.

It’ll also act as an advice column, where I will offer advice, support and informative posts  based on BDSM and the Dom/sub dynamic.

Thirdly, it will act as a discussion platform. I hope to inspire others, open up areas for debate, educate the vanillas out there, and most importantly encourage discussion in an area where you might feel a bit trapped. Submission, although mostly wonderful, can feel like a lonely place at times. Let’s act to defeat this.

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to follow me to join me on my journey.